Weathering Political Uncertainty of Large-Scale Conservation Projects

This high-level dialogue will convene current Island Ministers of the Environment as well as others with insight to discuss the stakes at carrying on large scale conservation projects from one government to another. The event will allow a dialogue around the Governance and transitions of Large-Scale Conservation Projects and will highlight achievements, challenges, and bright spots. This is particularly relevant with some of the island champion countries for marine conservation having undergone changes of government leadership.

How to best anticipate a change of leadership and prepare a succession? How to best adjust government reforms with the requirements of Large-Scale Conservation Project? And how to embed the legacy of conservation in a renewed governance vision?


  • Hon. Heremoana Maamaatuiahutapu, Minister of Culture and the Environment, French Polynesia
  • Hon. Melvin "Mitch" Turnbull, Minister of Natural Resources and Labour, British Virgin Islands
  • Hon. Vaughn Miller, Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources, Bahamas 
  • Hon. Flavien Joubert, Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Seychelles (TBC)
  • H.E. Amatlain Elizabeth Kabua, Permanent Representative RMI to United Nations (TBC)
Weathering Political Uncertainty of Large-Scale Conservation Projects

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