Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Coral Vita

Coral Vita grows corals to restore dying reefs.

Coral reefs sustain one billion people and 25% of marine life while conservatively generating $30 billion annually through tourism, fisheries, and coastal protection, but we've already lost half the world's reefs, and more than 90% are projected to die by 2050.

Using breakthrough methods to grow corals up to 50x faster while strengthening their resiliency to climate change, Coral Vita leverages a mission-driven commercial model to sustain the large-scale restoration projects needed to counter global reef degradation. As we grow corals for restoration, our farms simultaneously serve as education centers for local communities and tourism attractions for the region. There are nearly 100 countries and territories with coral reefs around the world, and we plan to work with local communities, NGOs, businesses, scientists, governments, and stakeholders to help protect them everywhere.

GLISPA has been an incredible partner for us in our shared effort to help build resilient island and ecosystems. As Coral Vita transitions from becoming a Friend of GLISPA to an Affiliate Member, we're excited to work with The Partnership as we deploy a global network of land-based coral farms to preserve coral reefs for future generations. 

Coral Vita’s membership representatives are Sam Teicher and Gator Halpern, Founders.