Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Tofia Niue - Niue Ocean Wide Project

Tofia Niue is a local non-profit who is working with the Government of Niue in the Niue Ocean Wide (NOW) project to conserve and sustainably manage Niue’s waters.

In 2015, Niue launched the NOW project, aiming to improve livelihoods of Niueans through the conservation and sustainable use of the entire 316,584 km2 exclusive economic zone (EEZ). By creating tightly-managed resource use zones and a world-class marine reserve, Niue’s global profile as a pristine eco-tourism destination will rise, as will its contribution to global marine conservation.

Why are you interested in joining the Global Island Partnership?

Tofia Niue has joined GLISPA to showcase and promote Niue to the world as a unique pristine eco-tourism destination, with demonstrated leadership in holistic sustainable development, management, and conservation of its pristine ocean space and associated resources. Recognizing the true value of our ocean and its resources and translating this into sustainable benefits to the environment and people of Niue.

What is the main goal you want to advance through GLISPA?

Tofia Niue is keen to join the Global Island Partnership in order to access the knowledge, experience and expertise that exists within the network of partners, and to promote the work the Niue Ocean Wide (NOW) project is undertaking and showcase Niue as a unique destination with pristine ocean and marine environment.

Tofia Niue is represented by Brendon Pasisi, Project Manager - Niue Ocean Wide Project. NOW Introduction VideoFacebook - Niue Ocean Wide