Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

Slide 1 GLISPA BROCHURE 930x340 is “the definitive directory of infrastructure suppliers dedicated to enabling, sustaining, and enhancing living conditions in the caribbean.”

Why are you interested in joining the Global Island Partnership?

We are developing a directory for suppliers to Caribbean infrastructure and there may be an opportunity to broaden the scope internationally - We would like to discover if there is a need. We also have experience managing events and raising capitol and can assist in these endeavors.

What is the main goal you want to advance through GLISPA?

After the 2017 Hurricane season, building back a sustainable and climate resilient Caribbean is at the top of the agenda for Governments. There is an upheaval in their approach in getting this done. Our main goal is to fully understand the needs of Island States so we can help ensure easy access to providers of services and commodities - a resource that does not exist currently in the Caribbean. We'd like to expand this initiative if the need exists across a wider geography.

Technology today is state of the art and Caribbean Government, Utility and Regional Development partners have called for a resource that bridges the gap between them and the private sector. Not only is there a need for quick access to suppliers who can assist in disaster situations, but most islands are full of aging infrastructure; the directory provides access to private sector companies that can help with long term sustainable rehabilitation and development projects. is represented by Lauren Thomas, President.,