Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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New Caledonia

New Caledonia is an active member of OCTA and has been involved in numerous events, thanks to GLISPA. The Partnership has allowed New Caledonia to be more visible. New Caledonia wants to contribute to GLISPA actions and benefit from GLISPA actions and networks. “As hotspot for biodiversity, New Caledonia really needs to build resilient and sustainable island communities.” Current bright spots include UNESCO site, Coral Sea Nature Park among others. New Caledonia is looking forward to sharing experiences and learning how to deal with threats we face (mining, fires, pollution...). As New Caledonia has a specific status, they can share with other territories ways to access dedicated funds for territories. New Caledonia’s membership representative is Anna-Claire Goarant, Senior Advisor for Multilateral Cooperation and Regional Organisation.