Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea

Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea’s mission is to support island people as they use their own traditional vessels (vakas) and native energy sources of sun, coconut oil and wind, to meet their countries' needs for sustainable sea transportation. Okeanos is committed to helping the people of Pacific islands become economically resilient, while preserving their cultural practice and knowledge, by providing traditionally designed sustainable sea transportation through BOT partnerships (Build, Operate, Transfer) including training local capacity of sailors, boat builders and business operators. Okeanos has joined GLISPA to collaborate and partner with like minded organizations committed to building sustainable island communities. Okeanos believes that coordinating the efforts of regional, national, private and nonprofit organizations all striving to protect the health of the Pacific and its peoples is our best chance to preserve the complex fabric of life within our world’s largest ecosystem.