Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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The Centre of Excellence for the Sustainable Development of SIDS

The Center of Excellence was launched in 2015 by the Government of Aruba in collaboration with UNDP and support of the Netherlands to strengthen innovation and resilience in SIDS by sharing Sustainable Development Goal-focussed best practices and lessons learned and to support SIDS in their road maps for Sustainable Development.

1. Why have you joined the Global Island Partnership?

Arno Boersma, Center of Excellence Manager, has shared that they are interested to join GLISPA as “The missions are very similar in their aim to support islands in their sustainable development. The COE is interested in partnering with GLISPA to leverage GLISPA's knowledge through our various channels (online platform, webinars, newsletter, etc.) as well as raise awareness around COE's activities among GLISPA's vast network of island stakeholders. We look forward to working with GLISPA in jointly serving SIDS policymakers."

2. What is the main goal you want to advance through the Global Island Partnership?

"The main goals we would like to advance through GLISPA is to better support SIDS' policy makers in topics related to sustainable development, such as sustainable tourism, renewable energy and waste management through liaising with the GLISPA network; enriching best practices with GLISPA knowledge, while at the same time raising the profile of the COE as we are a relatively new initiative of the UNDP and the Government of Aruba.”