Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Micronesia Conservation Trust

1. Why have you joined the Global Island Partnership?

The Micronesia Conservation Trust provides support/services in island countries/jurisdictions. Island issues are a central part of what we do. We feel islands are the most vulnerable to the impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. Island solutions can serve as good models and catalysts for similar initiatives in larger countries. We strongly believe if islands can survive and thrive, so can the rest of the planet.

2. Why have you joined the Global Island Partnership?

MCT’s main focus is to secure sustainable financing around particular conservation initiatives in our region. We work with our government and non-state actor partners to put in place sustainable financing mechanisms, ranging from small community based revolving funds, to national and regional level endowments/long-term sinking funds. If we can get sustainability around many of our efforts, we should start seeing consistent results.