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GLISPA Member THE NATURE CONSERVANCY teams up with SMART Seas Africa Network…

TNC and SMART AfricaMOMBASA, Kenya — In February 2019, the Nature Conservancy (GLISPA Member) and the SMART Seas Africa Network hosted a group of global and regional marine and management experts (Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Australia, UK, and USA) including the CEO of the Seychelles National Parks Authority (Mr. Selby Remy).

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The group worked to break down evidence-based MPA management into its key components and develop a training of peer trainers course in Strategic Adaptive Management (SAM) of MPAs. In August 2019 the Seychelles National Parks Authority will be hosting the training, which is open to MPA managers and community members who have been practicing the SAM approach.

Participants will become experts in key aspects of SAM (monitoring, data, or strategic management) and will help build the approach within the Western Indian Ocean.

Watch the training of MPA staff in the Western Indian Ocean here.