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GLISPA Friend SOLAR HEAD OF STATE (SHOS) launches the Guyana Solar Challenge…

SOLAR HEAD OF STATE 1In April 2019, Solar Head of State (SHOS) and the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) launched the Guyana Solar Challenge: a national competition which aims to engage and educate youth nationwide about the benefits of renewable energy following  the launch of last year’s Jamaica Solar Challenge.

The Guyana Solar Challenge is open to young people aged between 12 and 26 who are asked to submit creative ideas (e.g. song/video, art installation, performance piece, viral meme, sculpture) for raising awareness about renewable energy, specifically its potential to deliver long-term economic benefits, reduce harmful environmental impacts, and increase energy security and independence for Guyana.

Representatives from CYEN’s local Guyana chapter organized and managed the launch ceremony, which was held on Monday, 1 April 2019 at Cerulean Inc on Mandela Avenue in Georgetown. The launch ceremony was attended by students of the Government Technical Institute and Global Technology as well as representatives from the United Nations Environment Program.

Ms. Sandra Britton, Renewable Energy Liaison at the Department of Environment, was present and remarked: “I am really happy that young persons are now taking the initiative to share the concept of renewable energy and to promote it as Guyana transitions to a green economy. We have developed the Green State Development Strategy, which will be rolled out shortly, and within the strategy it is envisioned that Guyana will try to move towards 100% renewable energy by 2040.”

The first prize of GY$100,000 has been sponsored by MPC Renewable Energies GmbH, an international asset and investment management company. Second prize of a GY$15,000 voucher was sponsored by The Department of Environment which falls under the Ministry of the Presidency.

The deadline to submit entries for the Guyana Solar Challenge is July 1st 2019.

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