Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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GLISPA Friend SMILO’s 6th Edition of CELEBRATE ISLANDS: 20-26 May 2019…

GLISPA Friend SMILO - Sustainable Islands is holding its annual event CELEBRATE ISLANDS from 20th to 26th May 2019. This year’s event marks the sixth year and the event dates are aligned with the World Biodiversity Day (22nd May).

During this event, partner islands will be presenting initiatives on positive and sustainable actions.

This year’s theme is ISLANDS’ HISTORY as it is believed that by celebrating the past, a better and sustainable future can be imagined and eventually, an ideal scenario for Island Earth can be projected on. With the 6th edition “History for the Future”, SMILO - Sustainable Islands along with its partners - including GLISPA, CELEBRATE ISLANDS:

  • to honour the Past, islands are invited to create events that take a glimpse back to the evolution of their territory,
  • to promote the Present and their current territory management, islands are invited to organize concrete short-term actions: inventories, waste collection, photo exhibitions…
  • to imagine the Future together, the event organizes a competition for children. The goal of the contest is to imagine “the Island of the Future”.

To join the event, highlight your island through a local initiative, which will be promoted on a large scale by SMILO network.

It can be an initiative that you are already planning, or an initiative especially organized for CELEBRATE ISLANDS.
— All you need to do is to provide the following information:

  • the name of the island where your event is happening,
  • the name of the organization and its partners,
  • the title of the operation,
  • the description and program of the operation,
  • the precise dates of the operation, and
  • last but not least: some pictures in the best quality possible (high resolution)!

For further information, visit SMILO’s website.