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GLISPA MEMBER James Michel Foundation active in two major beach clean-ups in Seychelles...

*** Special Congrats to GLISPA Co-Founder and former President of Seychelles, James Michel who along with current GLISPA Leader President Danny Faure, President of Seychelles have won National Geographic's 2019 Planetary Leadership Award***

The National Geographic Planetary Leadership Award recognizes a world leader who has successfully established globally significant protected areas, such as national parks, wilderness areas, or marine reserves, that are fully shielded from exploitation.

The James Michel Foundation has been active in supporting two major beach clean-up operations in the outer islands of Seychelles.

JMF Beach GarbageAldabra Clean Up Project

The Aldabra Clean Up Project united six Oxford graduate student volunteers with six Seychellois volunteers, selected through a national video competition.
The team of 12 has been busy removing waste from Aldabra’s shores on a five-week expedition which ended at the end of March 2019. The project encompasses much more than just a beach clean-up: the volunteers were fundraising to cover the substantial costs of the project, to raise awareness locally and globally on marine plastic pollution, to find creative and innovative ways to repurpose the waste that is collected, and to conduct research which seeks to understand how plastic pollution arrives on Aldabra and affects its fauna.

JMF Beach Clean Up


The Wise Ocean Project Seychelles & the Island Development Company’s 11 day clean-up operation

Around 40 volunteers took part in an 11-day clean-up operation on eight of Seychelles outer islands. The initiative by The Wise Ocean Project Seychelles and the Island Development Company which manages the islands has gained great publicity locally.

The James Michel Foundation has produced short videos on the operation on two of the islands.
The Foundation launched a drawing and painting competition for primary school students and an essay competition for secondary level students to raise awareness about ocean protection and climate change. The winning entries will be showcased in an exhibition in June 2019.

The James Michel Foundation is preparing for World Oceans Day which will be marked by a conference for one hundred students from across the country on 8th June 2019. The participants will also be able to participate in a televised discussion programme on Marine Protected Areas.