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GLISPA FRIEND Friends of Puerto Rico launches Café Ama…

Friends of Puerto Rico CAFE AMA2 1Friends of Puerto Rico (GLISPA Friend) launched Café Ama, a social impact coffee.

Café Ama aims to uplift communities in need in Puerto Rico through entrepreneurship programs that will empower the María Generation. 100% of proceeds from the sale of Café Ama will go to the support of children in Puerto Rico.

Café Ama is a resilient batch of coffee that survived the impact of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico. Every package will share the story of the coffee’s symbolic ambassador Ama — a young entrepreneur who has learned to sell the coffee of her beautiful island, Puerto Rico. She represents the power of the young people who have taken a small step after the humanitarian crisis to make a big difference for their communities.

To support Friends of Puerto Rico, we are inviting you to purchase Café Ama's first edition. With the purchase of the coffee, you help support Friends of Puerto Rico’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program: SEEDS and get a taste for Ama's magic coffee seeds.

Follow and read more on Café Ama here. Order your first batch here: