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Join GLISPA Members PACIFICO & CARIBBEAN BIODIVERSITY FUND for their Caribbean-Pacific Alliance Webinar hosted by the Conservation Finance Alliance…

Conservation Finance Alliance

Save the Date: FEBRUARY 6TH, 2019 @11AM EST

On February 6th at 11am EST, CONSERVATION FINANCE ALLIANCE (CFA) is excited to host a webinar on the Caribbean-Pacific Alliance presented by María José Gonzalez, Yabanex Batista, and Zdenka Piskulich.

Three regional environmental funds, with a focus on marine conservation, have established the Caribbean-Pacific Alliance: Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (GLISPA MEMBER), PACIFICO (GLISPA MEMBER) and the MAR Fund. Together, they encompass two oceans, 16 countries, 4 million km2 and 5 World Heritage Sites. Join them for this session as they share advances in their knowledge exchange, mobilization of resources, and their soon-to-be-launched Blue Challenge Initiative.

Please note that a RSVP is required to join the session and call-in information is available below.

CFA Webinar - Caribbean-Pacific Alliance
Wed, Feb 6, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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