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2018 SMILO BOARD OF DIRECTORSCANNES, France — On Monday, 10th December 2018 GLISPA Friend SMILO – SMALL ISLANDS ORGANISATION kicked of the week with its 2nd Annual Meeting.

GLISPA is a member of the board of SMILO, an organisation formed two years ago to focus globally on small islands (<150sq km). SMILO is carrying out projects that actively contribute to a better balance between human development and the management of resources on islands using various methods (promoting good practices and innovative solutions, networking and cooperation between peers, technical and institutional support, investments and certification).

With a focus on the need to mobilise support and raise the profile for island efforts over the next three years, GLISPA and SMILO have signed a cooperation MOU during the 2nd Annual Meeting in Cannes. This collaboration is based on joint events and activities, sharing bright spots and lessons learnt to catalyse further action and mobilise island leadership. This includes ensuring that islands have an important role in the upcoming World Conservation Congress which will be held in Marseilles, France in 2020.

SMILO is based in the Marseilles region.

For full round-up article by our Exec Director, Kate Brown, visit our LinkedIn page.

2018 SMILO MoU signing

Mark the date(s) below in your calendar for SMILO 2019 events:

  • APRIL 2019: (regional event w/ SMILO representative): Islands Conference in Guinea Bissau (more information to come).
  • MAY 20-24, 2019: Technical workshop in Capraia, Italy on Energy management in small islands. This event includes GLISPA & SMILO islands that have a specific energy challenge.
  • week of MAY 20-26, 2019: Celebrate Islands. This is an annual event organized by SMILO; SMILO islands will hold events and activities on a specific topic (TBA shortly).
  • NOV 2019: SMILO 3rd Annual Conference.