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GLISPA LEADER the Republic of Palau along with GridMarket and ENGIE Eps launch ARMONIA

GLISPA LEADER the Republic of Palau along with GridMarket and ENGIE Eps launch ARMONIA, the largest Microgrid in the world to pioneer access to affordable, reliable and clean energy…

 In October 2018, the Republic of Palau signed a Power Purchase Agreement with ENGIE EPS, the worldwide technology pioneer in microgrids and energy storage (EPS:PA). This announcement marks a crucial milestone in support of Palau’s achievement of its climate mitigation and adaptation goals.

Following the Paris Agreement (2015), Palau committed to a 45% renewable energy target by 2025 as well as a 22% reduction in its energy sector emissions below 2005 levels. The partnership with GridMarket and ENGIE Eps will allow the Republic of Palau to achieve its energy goals more than five years ahead of schedule.

ARMONIA has been originally developed by GridMarket within the context of its public-private partnership with the Government of Palau. GridMarket, a US-based organization offering a data-driven approach to distributed energy, deployed its machine-learning platform and predictive analytics capabilities to map out a comprehensive national transition strategy based on Palau’s unique energy footprint. GridMarket then sourced bids via its competitive marketplace and selected ENGIE EPS as the ideal partner to implement the identified microgrid opportunity in Palau. The final sizing, geotechnical assessment, and project execution plan will be completed by ENGIE EPS.

The partnership with ENGIE EPS will allow Palau to experience the fastest national transition to renewable energy ever occured as well as demonstrating the impact that Palau’s model can have on the global energy economy.

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