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New Caledonia adopts three decrees for the protection and development of the Natural park of the Coral sea, which serves as a MPA…

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Tuesday, 14th August 2018 – The Government of New Caledonia (GLISPA Member) adopted three decrees for the protection Natural park of the Coral sea, a New Caledonian Maritime Space that was created by its government in 2014.

These enactments mark a new phase for the future of the park, as they enable:
· the classification of the Park’s most pristine reefs protecting 7,000km2 of wilderness areas and 21,000km2 of nature reserves,
· the regulation of tourism, and
· the implementation of the Entrecasteaux plan over five years.

At nearly 1.3 million km2, the Natural park of the Coral sea is France’s biggest and one of the largest marine protected areas (MPAs) in the world, rendering New Caledonia to one of the leaders for marine environments. Its biodiversity is very rich:

· more than 2,000 species of fish,
· 310 species of coral,
· more than a third of the world's virgin reefs (or "pristine reefs"),
· and more than 149 sea mounts.

The adoption of these three decrees is also part of New Caledonia's application for the Investment for the Future Programme on the theme of "Territories of Highly Ambitious Innovation".
The Caledonian project is called The Natural Park of the Coral Sea, or how to make the preservation of biodiversity an engine for growth in the Pacific, aiming to make the Park:

· A centre for scientific research;
· A centre of innovation, particularly in terms of surveillance and security;
· A centre for experimenting with new sustainable activities;
· A regional development centre for marine protected areas.

New Caledonia will submit its project in early 2019. If it is selected, it could receive financial assistance of more than 5 billion francs from the government.

Read the press release in French and click here to download the full press release in English.

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