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Okeanos Vaka Motus sails to support Pacific Leaders...

Photo Credit Steve Holloway

Okeanos Marianas voyages to Satawal, the island home of Papa Mau

On July 5th 2018, Vaka Motu Okeanos Marianas sailed from Saipan to the small Micronesian island of Satawal, home of Papa Mau Piailug, at the invitation of the Chief of Satawal Leo Rcheilug.

Captain Cecilio Raikiulipiy, a native of Satawal and Papa Mau’s nephew, sailed the vaka to his outer island of Yap to introduce the locals to the capabilities of the Vaka Motu. Satawal’s Chief Leo sailed with the Okeanos Marianas crew from Saipan and is planning on using Vaka Motus for cargo transportation of food and medicine. Okeanos Marianas brought food and other goods to the remote Satawal community that typically is only serviced by diesel powered cargo ships every few months.

While in the outer islands of Yap, members of the Okeanos Marianas crew were inducted as Pwo navigators by Grandmaster navigator Rapwi Yalwairh of Puluwat island. Grandmaster navigator Rapwi Yalwairh is Papa Mau’s relative and the last living navigator of Mau’s generation with the authority and knowledge to officiate Pwo.

Photo credits: Steve Holloway

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Okeanos KiribatiDancers 250WOkeanos Marshall Islands joins Kiribati Independence Day Celebration

On July 9th, Vaka Motu Okeanos Marshall Islands and her crew arrived in Tarawa, Kiribati, at the invitation of His Excellency President Mamau to celebrate Kiribati’s 39th Independence Day.

During the celebrations, President Maamau and First Lady Teireang Maamau sailed on the vaka as did Kiribati’s Independence Day Champions “Te Waa Mai Kiribati” and the Kirabati 350 Climate Warriors.

President Mamau invited Okeanos Marshall Islands to attend the celebration to introduce traditionally based sea transportation as a sustainable solution for his nation. Speaking to thousands during the celebration, His Excellency expressed his appreciation for Okeanos . A second vaka motu, Okeanos Messenger, just arrived Tarawa on September 15th after sailing 3200 nautical miles from New Zealand to Kiribati and is planning to spend one month performing sea trials with the local fishermen.

Photo Credits: Chewy Lin


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