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Executive Highlights Jan 7, 2019

Welcome to 2019 and best wishes for the New Year! Please find our bi-monthly GLISPA highlights.

We were planning to have GLISPA’s Council meeting at the end of March in Mallorca. We appreciate that not everyone will be able to attend and for this reason (among others) we have decided to change plan and move this to a virtual Council meeting via video conference early this year while at the same having a GLISPA meeting for those that can attend in person in Mallorca. If you are a member of GLISPA please be on the look-out for your materials and invitation to the Council meeting.

New members joined in the second half of 2018 include the Ocean Conservancy, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, Wildlife Conservation Society, Tofia Niue, Earth Advertising, Government of New Caledonia, Green Cross France and Territories, Friends of Puerto Rico. Associate Member - James Michel Foundation became a full member of GLISPA. Friends - Coral Vita  and Caribbean Biodiversity Fund became an affiliate member.

We are increasing in diversity of member and total membership. This brings our total membership to 44. We also have 51 friends of GLISPA. To compare, at the end of 2017 we had 34 members and 37 friends, in 2016, 21 members.                          Welcome to all!

Langston James Goree VI (Kimo) has agreed to join the GLISPA Board. Kimo has been a long-time friend of GLISPA and currently directs IISD’s Reporting Services. Per IISD - he co-founded the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) in 1991, while the director of a Brazilian NGO in the Western Amazon, joining IISD in 1993 when ENB became an IISD publication. He manages the Reporting Services program at IISD and is responsible for building and maintaining the relationships between IISD and the various programs and agencies of the United Nations and other multilateral organisations. He has expertise in the use of emerging information technologies to provide information and knowledge products for decision makers in the areas of environment and sustainable development policy. He is also an avid cyclist (as those who follow him on social media will attest). We welcome Kimo’s talents to our GLISPA Board where he will join our other members - for more information on the board please check-out our talented and committed board members: GLISPA Board Member Profiles.

GLISPA is a member of the board of the Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) an organisation formed 2 years ago to focus globally on small islands (<150sq km) to carry out projects that actively contribute to a better balance between human development and the management of resources on islands using various methods (promoting good practices and innovative solutions, networking and cooperation between peers, technical and institutional support, investments and certification)
With a focus on the need to mobilise support and raise the profile for island efforts over the next three years, GLISPA and SMILO have signed a cooperation MOU which will include events, activities, sharing bright spots and lessons learnt to catalyse further action and mobilise island leadership. This will include ensuring that islands have an important role in the upcoming World Conservation Congress, hosted by the Government of France in Marseilles in 2020. SMILO is based in the Marseilles region.

Long serving GLISPA staff member Jessica Robbins concluded her work with GLISPA at the end of 2018. She has been working with us since 2010 when she joined GLISPA from UNDP in Fiji. Jessica was based in NYC for the first 5 years of her work with GLISPA (in a position shared for the first 4 years with Media Impact), moving in 2016 back to her home island of Tasmania. Going forward she will be working as a consultant in Tasmania, continuing an outdoors lifestyle and working on an effort to develop an island resilience leadership initiative in Tasmania. Jessica will leave a very big hole in GLISPA’s team in terms of her relentlessly positive outlook, organisational skills and her professionalism. We are thankful for everything she has done within GLISPA and wish her well in what we are sure will be amazing future endeavors. Jenny Hawes, who provides Finance and Admin Support and Görkem Hayta, Communications Adviser, will continue their roles (part-time) in GLISPA.

Hersey Kyota, Palau Ambassador to the United States and GLISPA Co-Chair on Jessica Robbin’s departure:

"Thank you for you invaluable service, dedication and commitment to GLISPA. We will miss you a great deal, but knowing you, I know you will always a member of this great Partnership. I wish you the best of luck in your next endeavor!"

Thanks to the Government of Italy, The Nature Conservancy, Rare, Palau, IUCN and other members and friends who have contributed to GLISPA in the closing months of 2018 to ensure that we are able to manage a difficult cash flow situation. We appreciate this and all of our collective efforts to our partnership continues to strengthen.

Best wishes,

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