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The Mountain Partnership and GLISPA: Newly Formed Fragile Ecosystem Coalition


The Mountain Partnership and GLISPA are strengthening their engagement on mountains and islands through a newly formed fragile ecosystem coalition.

Grammenos Mastrojeni, Chair of the Mountain Partnership and new Co-Chair of GLISPA, says “The 2030 Agenda represents today the only practical way out from a destabilizing resonance between environmental degradation and socio-economic uncertainty; and the Agenda revolves around one founding principle, “no-one left behind”, not only morally but simply to work effectively. Joining hands as islands, mountains and ideally with all fragile ecosystems makes it real.”

Mountains and islands are among the most fragile ecosystems of our planet. Although from different perspectives, they share similar constraints and face similar development challenges: climate change vulnerability, isolation, remoteness from main international trade routes, higher transportation costs, extreme weather conditions, high vulnerability to both human-made and natural disasters, higher exposure to economic shocks, higher import costs, food insecurity, and small natural resource base for exports.

Governments of both mountainous and island nations, together with their partners, are looking at innovative models for growth that take into account building resilience of their communities as a critical component of their development. The potential for finding solutions by building on common challenges still lacks wide recognition in international fora and on the ground, due to the poor dissemination of innovative tools for the sustainable ecosystem management, especially between continental and island countries.

The Mountain Partnership (hosted by FAO in Rome) and the Global Island Partnership (hosted by IUCN in Washington DC) met for the first time on the occasion of the Rio+20 Conference, aiming to promote synergies on a common ground: the specificity of insularity in the sustainable management of mountain ecosystems. The outcome of such meeting was a collaboration in the framework of the initiative called “Climate Change and Mountain Forests”, launched in 2014 and currently in its second phase.

On the occasion of its fifth Global Meeting (Rome, 11-13 December 2017), the Mountain Partnership and GLISPA decided to strengthen their collaboration by creating a “Coalition for Fragile Ecosystems” of countries and territories representing the most fragile ecosystems within the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement.

The official launch of this coalition will take place at CBD COP14 in Egypt where further announcements will be made.

If you are attending the conference, please get in touch with us and help us to build resilient and sustainable island and mountain communities. To follow our updates in real time, make sure to follow GLISPA and Mountain Partnership on our social media channels. Also mark your agenda on 11th December 2018 for International Mountain Day because #MountainsMatter.