GLISPA is currently lead by the islands of the Republic of Marshall Islands, the British Virgin Islands and Guam. 

Our work is guided by a dedicated Board, which include other island champions and supporters, creating a unique network able to mobilize significant action. The Board meets biennially and is responsible for matters on governance, membership, sustainability and strategy implementation.
The Partnership employs a Coordination Team to support the day to day functions of the partnership.

Board Members

H.E. Gerald Zackios
H.E. Gerald ZackiosRepublic of Marshall Islands' Ambassador to the United States
President's Representative
GLISPA Board Chair
Gerald M. Zackios is a Marshallese politician and diplomat. He was a member of the Legislature of the Marshall Islands (Nitijeļā) from 2000 until 2012. During this period he was Minister in Assistance to the President of Marshall Islands from 2000 until 2001 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2001 until 2007. He serves as the Ambassador of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to the United States since June 2016.
William N. Kostka
William N. KostkaExecutive Director, 
Micronesia Conservation Trust
GLISPA Fiscal Host
William is the co-founder of both the the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) and the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT), fiscal host of GLISPA. He presently serves as Executive Director, Micronesia Conservation Trust and was the Co-coordinator of PIMPAC (2006 – 2009) and Co- coordinator, IUCN-WPCA Marine Program for Micronesia.
Dr. Spencer Thomas
Dr. Spencer ThomasGrenada’s Ambassador and Special Envoy for Multilateral Environmental Agreements
GLISPA Treasurer
Dr. Spencer Thomas, Grenada’s Ambassador and Special Envoy for Multilateral Environmental Agreements is the country’s lead negotiator for climate change and biodiversity.
H.E. Hersey Kyota
H.E. Hersey KyotaPalau's Ambassador to the United States
President's Representative
Hersey Kyota was appointed as Palau’s Ambassador to the United States in November 1997. In 2015, as Washington D.C.’s longest serving ambassador he was appointed as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and is responsible for representing the Washington diplomatic corps at major functions such as the State of the Union.
Hon. Josh Tenorio
Hon. Josh TenorioLieutenant Governor, Guam
Governor General’s Representative
The Honorable Joshua “Josh” Franquez Tenorio is the 10th elected Lieutenant Governor of Guam. He is an experienced administrator with a demonstrated history of managing large organizations in both the public and private sectors.
Joseph Smith-Abbott
Joseph Smith-AbbottPermanent Secretary (Ag.),
Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration, British Virgin Islands
Premier's Representative
Ariane Steins-Meier
Ariane Steins-MeierVice President, Global Development, Rare
Chair, GLISPA Growth Committee
Ariane leads Rare's climate change policy work globally, with a goal to advancing existing and building new partnerships with public and institutional funders.
Trina Leberer
Trina LebererDirector of Pacific Regional Partnerships, 
The Nature Conservancy 
GLISPA Advisor
Trina is TNC's Director of Pacific Regional Partnerships, and in this role, oversees TNC’s engagement with key regional partners to advance large-scale conservation initiatives in the Pacific Islands region, helping to identify and pursue emerging public funding opportunities, especially those associated with the US Government’s investments in Micronesia.
Celeste Connors
Celeste ConnorsCEO, Hawai'i Local2030 Hub
A former Director for Environment and Climate Change at the White House, Celeste Connors has twenty years of experience working at the intersection of economic, environment, energy, and international development policy.
Dr. Janaka de Silva
Dr. Janaka de SilvaSenior Programme Coordinator, Ocean Team, IUCN
GLISPA Advisor
Dr. Janaka de Silva specializes in Marine and Coastal issues. His experience includes working in the Government, Academic and Non-Profit sectors and has included, designing, implementing and managing ecosystem based programs that integrate forests, watersheds and marine systems, providing advice on species management to governing bodies and developing and implementing results based monitoring at program and project level scales.
Joe Appiott
Joe AppiottCoordinator for Marine, Coastal and Island Biodiversity, Convention of Biodiversity
GLISPA Advisor
As a founding and Executive Board member, the Secretariat of the CBD understands that GLISPA is a very effective multi-stakeholder cooperation platform to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Programme of Work on Island Biodiversity and related programmes.
Yaba Batista
Yaba BatistaDeputy Head of Secretariat, 
Global Fund for Coral Reefs
GLISPA Advisor
Yabanex (Yaba) Batista is Deputy Head of the UN Global Team for the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR). He has over 20 years of experience, and has focused his career on sustainable financing, government relations and policy, protected areas and climate change adaptation, and Multilateral Environmental Agreements. His extensive experience includes leading and implementing projects and initiatives across SIDS, LAC, and Africa.
Karolin Troubetzkoy
Karolin TroubetzkoyExecutive Director, Marketing and Operations of Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts, St. Lucia. 
GLISPA Advisor
Karolin Troubetzkoy’s extensive experience in tourism management has seen her rising to the very top of her profession, serving as President of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) from January 2016 - June 2018. She was only the second woman to serve as President in CHTA’s 50+ year history.
Maina Sage
Maina SageFormer Minister of Tourism and Environment in French Polynesia. 
GLISPA Advisor
Maina Sage is a Pacific Islander, born and raised In Tahiti, and a former Minister of Tourism and Environment in French Polynesia (2007). She was also twice elected at the local Assembly of French Polynesia (2008 – 2017). In 2022, Maina SAGE left active politics to go back to the private sector in design and project management. Still, she uses her platform to continue to support NGOs in Ocean and Islands climate actions and Defense of nuclear tests victims.

Coordination Team

Kate Brown
Kate BrownExecutive Director, Global Island Partnershipkate.brown@glispa.org
Kate Brown is the Executive Director of the Global Island Partnership, a platform that enables island leaders and their supporters to take action to build resilient and sustainable island communities. Kate is a passionate advocate for islands.
Paula Lewis
Paula LewisPartnerships Mgr, Global Island Partnershippaula@glispa.org
Paula is an experienced tourism professional with a strong background in agro and community tourism management, marketing, research and event planning and coordination. She has a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from Royal Roads University in Canada and a keen interest in sustainable development and climate change issues borne out of her love for travel and work with communities.
Jabal Hassanali
Jabal HassanaliStrategy Manager, Global Island Partnershipjabal@glispa.org
Jabal is a trained urban planner-cum-communications strategist. A returning "Island Scholar", Jabal served as an urban planner in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago for a number of years.

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