GLISPA Bright Spots Fellowship 2022

Fellowship 2022

Here at GLISPA, we want to showcase the many inspired, home-grown island solutions aka Island Bright Spots, that exemplify how together we can build on what is working to conserve and sustainably utilize our natural resources. Through the GLISPA Bright Spots Fellowship, we want to work with these community champions to tell their story as authentically as possible, provide a space for them to learn from and collaborate with each other, and allow them the opportunity to have dialogue with influential global policy makers to discuss how these interventions can be scaled and sustained.

Nominate your Island Bright Spot! (February 2022 – April 2022)

We want to hear from you! If you are part of a community based initiative doing work in islands around the themes of ocean action, climate action or biodiversity conservation we would love to tell your story. Each application must have a nominated community champion/fellow who we will work with throughout this process in telling the story of your Bright Spot. There is no age limit to be a fellow. The deadline for this year’s edition of the fellowship is April 10th 2022:

  • Submit your application inclusive of supporting information to be uploaded as attachments.
  • Application is vetted by the GLISPA team and applicant is notified as to any further information that may be required.
  • Successful applicants chosen and move on the next phase of the fellowship

Collaborate with fellow Fellows! (April 2022 – August 2022)

  • After our Bright Spot Fellows are chosen, we will work individually with each Fellow to tell the story of their Bright Spot as authentically as possible, in a format of their choice.
  • Bright Spot Fellows will also be given opportunities to network with each other and share lessons learnt and collaborate on the telling of their stories.
  • Bright Spot Fellows will also be given opportunities during this time period to present their Bright Spots at GLISPA Bright Spot Events throughout the year, held in the margins of high level international events.
  • Fellows are asked to devote a maximum of two hours per week during this period toward these activities.

Participate in Climate Week NYC 2022! (September 2022)

  • In the month of August, the GLISPA team will shortlist the five (5) top Bright Spots rated across the following categories:
    1. IMPACT (Current and Potential) (40%)
    2. Community Ownership (25%)
    3. Innovation (25%)
    4. Fellow Participation (10%)
  • From the 5 shortlisted Bright Spots, the Fellows will then each vote for their top choice. All Fellows are to vote, however shortlisted Fellows are not allowed to vote for their own Bright Spot.
  • The Fellow representing the top voted Bright Spot will have the opportunity to participate live in Climate Week NYC with the GLISPA team, participate in Local2030 Islands Network events, and present at our in-person Bright Spots Event (Episode V) to be held in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). 

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