Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Wilder McCoy


Wilder comes from a background of holistic water resource management. Hailing from the small town of Conway in Western Massachusetts, he recently graduated from The University of the South, known as Sewanee. Graduating With degrees in Natural Resources along with International & Global Studies, Wilder also received a Watershed Science certificate. He is currently working part time for SOSystems, a wastewater technology company, and is project managing an outcoming waste-to-biogas anaerobic technology system for the company.

Wilder has spent time studying island ecology on the barrier island of St. Catherine’s Island, in Georgia, where he initially realized the value of ecosystem resilience in islands and the role they play in securing an environmentally stable future for the rest of the world. Beyond that, Wilder has conducted independent research on potable water access equality issues in rural Tunisia and has led a student group, the Socially Conscious Investment Club at Sewanee, in an effort to increase institutional transparency and move towards ESG investing within the endowment. Most recently Wilder was awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, but due to Covid-19 will be delaying his project, entitled Blue Money: The Cultural Value of Water, until it is safer to travel to the target countries.

In his free time Wilder likes reading, playing the guitar, and kayaking. He’s excited to begin work with GLISPA, contribute to the organization, and hopefully work with innovators who are addressing issues of growing importance around sustainable water management on islands!

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