Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

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Kate Brown

Executive Director, Global Island Partnership

Kate Brown is the Executive Director of the Global Island Partnership, a platform that enables island leaders and their supporters to take action to build resilient and sustainable island communities. Kate is a passionate advocate for islands. She is a valued and trusted international partnership and collaboration leader, with a unique ability to connect dots for issues and people. Kate has extensive experience in all island regions globally, and brings an extensive network of island leaders, blue sky thinkers and people dedicated to supporting islands.

Kate has experience working inside government, non-profits and intergovernmentally as well as a keen sense of the most important elements of the international policy setting space relevant to islands as well as what is needed for implementation to happen. A strategic thinker who is able to present clear ideas and set up the right conditions for collaboration to thrive. Kate is originally from New Zealand and lived for eight years in Apia, Samoa. Kate now resides in Washington DC with her family.

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Jenny Hawes

Support, Global Island Partnership

Jenny thrives in a supporting role. She has a diverse professional background in logistics, leadership, marketing implementation, business and administration. Working with GLISPA since 2016 has complimented her drive to contribute to sustainable initiatives. She enjoys working with the coordination team and Partnership, Particularly by learning about island initiatives and the fantastic efforts people bring from all over the world working together on these essential initiatives. Jenny is dedicated to support GLISPA in an administrative and financial role on a part time basis.

An adventurous traveller and nature lover, Jenny has a passion for permaculture, health and sustainable living. She enjoys being active outdoors, on the mountains, and in/on water with her husband and two adventurous boys, aged 14 and 16. Jenny currently resides on the slopes of Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada.

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Raphaela Raaber

Support, Global Island Partnership

Raphaela Raaber is passionate about holistic and creative approaches for Sustainability and Community Projects. Finding innovative solutions for complex problems is one of her expertise. Raphaela has completed studies in Community Development and International Aid and Development (BA), Social Work and Business Management (BA) and is currently completing a Masters in Sustainable Development.

In her recent position as a Manager of a Solidary and Sustainable Association in Mayotte, she elaborated, designed, and delivered strategic sustainability plans, sustainable behavioural change programs, and creative community engagement projects for social equity. She established networks and partnerships for sustainable progress that included actors from communal and local, as well as political and governmental levels.

Her previous professional pathway has offered her opportunities to work in different countries such as Mayotte, Spain, Peru, Australia, New Caledonia, and Germany. The four languages, German, English, Spanish, and French, that she speaks fluently enables Raphaela to achieve an excellent engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse stakeholders.

In the last 15 years within her work and studies in settings that seek to empower communities and increase Sustainability, she has gained critical insights that are indispensable to competently support GLISPA’s global partners in their journey to achieve Sustainability.

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Nathan Hotter

Intern / Fellow

My name is Nathan Hotter and I am from Palmerston North, New Zealand. I have recently completed a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington. My next step will be to begin my Honours at Victoria later this year. Throughout my time at university I have been deeply involved with United Nations Youth New Zealand, helping bring out of classroom learning experiences to students across the country. My international experience has given me a deep passion to learn more about the global community. I have just arrived back to New Zealand from Taipei after interning with the Taipei City Government Special Projects Office. Prior to my time in Taipei I had finished my degree on exchange at the National University of Singapore on the Prime Ministers Scholarship to Asia. The Global Island Partnership gives me the opportunity to put my experience to good use to help pursue the Sustainable Development Goals across global island communities. We are not the only inhabitants of our planet and at the moment we continue to damage ecosystems and drive species to extinction. With smart policy steps we can avert the damage we are causing and move toward a more sustainable future. GLISPA will give me the experience to develop my knowledge in these areas while also having an impact on our future path. We are currently living in difficult times and I am also excited to help island communities respond to the COVID-19 threat to minimise it’s damage on human life, a key policy area I was exploring in Taipei. Beyond my interest in the international realm I also love playing guitar, have a deep passion about space and love reading. I am eager to travel more when I am able to as well!

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Charlie Grosenick

Legal Advisor

One of the greatest joys in my life is traveling to new places. These travels opened my eyes to my desire to help countries develop sustainably. Attending law school at the University of San Diego allowed me to learn how to create effective solutions to environmental and business issues affecting these counties. Now, working with GLISPA has given me a chance to better understand the diverse issues and opportunities facing the international island community. Seeing the positive benefit GLISPA has on island communities throughout the world has inspired me to continue working towards finding common ground for ever-changing environmental issues.

In my free time I enjoy music, scuba diving, cooking, and sports. Don’t be surprised if you find me on the basketball court on a faraway island with a huge grin on my face.

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Wilder McCoy


Wilder comes from a background of holistic water resource management. Hailing from the small town of Conway in Western Massachusetts, he recently graduated from The University of the South, known as Sewanee. Graduating With degrees in Natural Resources along with International & Global Studies, Wilder also received a Watershed Science certificate. He is currently working part time for SOSystems, a wastewater technology company, and is project managing an outcoming waste-to-biogas anaerobic technology system for the company.

Wilder has spent time studying island ecology on the barrier island of St. Catherine’s Island, in Georgia, where he initially realized the value of ecosystem resilience in islands and the role they play in securing an environmentally stable future for the rest of the world. Beyond that, Wilder has conducted independent research on potable water access equality issues in rural Tunisia and has led a student group, the Socially Conscious Investment Club at Sewanee, in an effort to increase institutional transparency and move towards ESG investing within the endowment. Most recently Wilder was awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, but due to Covid-19 will be delaying his project, entitled Blue Money: The Cultural Value of Water, until it is safer to travel to the target countries.

In his free time Wilder likes reading, playing the guitar, and kayaking. He’s excited to begin work with GLISPA, contribute to the organization, and hopefully work with innovators who are addressing issues of growing importance around sustainable water management on islands!

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