Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

2015 Steering Committee: Developing the GLISPA 2030 Strategy

Date: 13 to 15 October 2015
Location: Palazzo Cisterna, Turin, Italy
Host: Ambassador Ronny Jumeau of Seychelles and Ambassador Hersey Kyota of Palau with the Government of Italy
Strategic Priority: Developing the 2030 Strategy to build resilient and sustainable island communities

“From small islands come big ideas because we are not afraid to dream.” H.E. Ronny Jumeau, Vice-Chair of the GLISPA Steering Committee, Ambassador for Climate Change and SIDS Issues, Republic of Seychelles

Our 2015 Steering Committee meeting was held at a significant time for our partnership as we prepare to celebrate our ten-year anniversary in 2016. Building on our ten years of impact working together toward common goals, this meeting refreshed our GLISPA 2030 Strategy and put in place clear and measurable targets to be achieved by 2020 and beyond. It further reinforced the need to urgently address the sustainability of the partnership to make sure the vision can be achieved.


  • GLISPA will continue focus on catalyzing leadership and commitments to build resilient and sustainable island communities as well as support accelerating the implementation of commitments made through the Partnership including strengthening our collective ability to measure impact.
  • A new Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Working Group was formed that will be chaired by Rare and focuses on: identifying and sharing bright spots in this area, creating a menu of innovative options for islands to adopt sustainable coastal fisheries options and that contribute to community sustainability as well as catalyzing national commitments to advance sustainable coastal fisheries.
  • A new high impact demonstration activity launched to advance innovative financing for a blue/green economy in islands which will include existing activities on debt swaps for adaptation and the island resilience initiative. These initiatives help change the narrative on financing through identifying potential financing bright spots and mobilizing island leadership around new tools.
  • GLISPA’s ongoing efforts on ecosystem based adaptation on islands now includes disaster risk reduction with a focus on identifying early leadership, bright spots and lessons learned and integrating this into new and existing commitments.
  • To support GLISPA’s path toward sustainability the Executive Committee created a member fee
  • Further on GLISPA sustainability, GLISPA participants and those who would like to support the partnership were requested to include GLISPA (where relevant) in funding proposals and projects and to continue to mobilize resources for the partnership.

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