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UNCBD COP 10: The Micronesia Biosecurity Plan - An Unprecedented Cooperative Effort to Proactively Analyze and Prevent Invasive Species Threats to the Region of Micronesia

Date: 27 October, 2010
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Host: US National Invasive Species Council, Global Invasive Species Program (GISP), The Nature Conservancy, and GLISPA

The US Government, in conjunction with partners in Micronesia, is completing a comprehensive, science-based biosecurity plan to minimize invasive species threats to the region of Micronesia associated with the pending US Military build-up on Guam. The plan will include risk analyses of invasive species pathways, vectors and targeted individual species that threaten terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems in Micronesia. The plan will also include recommendations of best management practices and port of entry staffing, training and technology levels necessary to prevent, detect and eradicate incipient invasive species. This side event, to last approximately 45 minutes, will highlight three major themes:

1. The magnitude of invasive species threats to trade and sustainable economic growth, biodiversity and the cultural resources of islands in the Pacific and worldwide.
2. The critical role that regional, international, and intra-governmental coordination played in making this globally-unique effort possible.
3. The cooperative global efforts by partnerships such as the GLISPA, GISP and the Helping Islands Adapt Symposium to call attention to the many impacts of invasive species and strengthen invasive species prevention, early detection and eradication efforts on islands worldwide.
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