Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

Grammenos Mastrojeni

Assistant Director General, Coordinator for Environment and Science at the Italian Development Cooperation, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Italian Development Cooperation
Board Co-Chair (July 2018 to Present)
Founding supporter and host of GLISPA’s first 2007 Strategy Meeting, Rome

Grammenos is a diplomat, professor and writer – with 8 books, numerous articles, and other texts published by official organizations - focusing for the last 20 years on societal, geo-strategic and economic impacts of environmental degradation. Grammenos sits on multiple boards and committees including Chair of the Mountain Partnership which collaborates with GLISPA.

Grammenos Mastrojeni was elected as Board Co-Chair on 31 July 2018 until end of 2020. The Board heartily welcomed Grammenos into this new role.