Promoting action for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods by inspiring leadership, catalyzing commitments and facilitating collaboration among all islands

– Local children welcome Hokulea and Hikianalia to Samoa during the arrival ceremony of the Worldwide Voyage to the UNSIDS Conference. Learn more.

– President of Palau, UN Secretary General and Master Navigator of Worldwide Voyage on board Hokulea during GLISPA Leaders Sail at UNSIDS, Samoa, September 2014. Learn more.

– GLISPA and Convention on Biodiversity Secretariat launch “Island Bright Spots in Conservation & Sustainability” publication in celebration of the 2014 International Year of Small Island Developing States. Learn more.

– Founder of Blue Planet Foundation, President of Palau and Master Navigator of Worldwide Voyage are joined by WWV crew and GLISPA friends during the GLISPA Leaders Inspiring Action High Level Event during UNSIDS 2014. Learn more.

– Ambassador Jumeau (Chair of GLISPA Steering Committee) and Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii during the GLISPA State visit where Ambassador Jumeau invites Hawaii to participate in GLISPA. Learn more.

– The commitments promoted by GLISPA are significant public pledges by a government or organization towards the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods on islands. Learn more.

Let us work together to help small islands survive and prosper; and to ensure that all people enjoy a sustainable future.
Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General

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