Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

Implementation of Commitments

Priority:  Successful implementation of regional island challenges and other partner commitments

The Global Island Partnership is committed to supporting the outstanding leadership and extraordinary commitments of all islands and to sharing island successes and lessons with the world. The commitments promoted through the Partnership are significant public pledges by a country or, in some instances, an organization towards the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods on islands. The Partnership works together to help partners achieve their goals through its global network and capacity to facilitate action, improve visibility, mobilize resources and accelerate collaboration.

The Partnership has successfully convened significant high-level international and regional meetings to provide a platform for countries and organizations to make commitments to on-the-ground action for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods. Each commitment serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance to others. The Micronesia Challenge was the first regional island challenge that then inspired the Caribbean Challenge and now the emerging Western Indian Ocean Coastal Challenge.

The regional island challenges and other commitments and initiatives brings together a truly global collaborative Partnership of countries and organizations working together at national, regional and international levels to take action to promote conservation of biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods.