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2016 Steering Committee

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“Unity is strength, when we speak together as one we will be heard.” Dr. Pickering, Deputy Premier of British Virgin Islands, speaking as new GLISPA Leader.2016 Steering Committee and Members meeting

The annual Global Island Partnership Members meeting coincided with two important milestones - the celebration of our ten year anniversary working together toward our vision to build resilient and sustainable island communities, and our first year as a member-based partnership. Chaired by H.E. Hersey Kyota, Palau’s Ambassador to the United States, the meeting strengthened the governance and membership structures as well as identified priority outcomes, activities and measures of success for 2017 and 2018 to achieve 2030 Strategy. 


  • H.E. Danny Faure, President of Seychelles and The Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith, Premier of the British Virgin Islands are recognized as new GLISPA Leaders.

  • Final GLISPA Executive and Steering Committee meetings:

    • new GLISPA 13 member GLISPA Board formed with increased accountability on strategy implementation in addition to responsibilities for leadership, growth, membership, governance and funding; and

    • Steering Committee has been replaced by the GLISPA Council which will take place every two years for GLISPA Council members.

  • A tiered membership structure to ensure the partnership remains open and inclusive:

    • Council Member: contributes member fee of $5,000 to $25,000+ annually and are invited to Council and Member meetings;

    • Member: contributes $500 - $4,999 and are invited to Members meetings at international forums; and

    • Friends of GLISPA: contribute no fees but participate in achieving GLISPA 2030 Strategy.

  • Work plans strengthened around:

    • Strategic Priorities

      • GLISPA Sustainability and Membership (Growth)

      • Launching new sustainable island commitments (Launch)

      • Accelerating  commitments already launched (Accelerate)

      • Added a new working group focussed on measures - strengthening measures both for GLISPA impact and for commitments launched (Measures)

    • Member led High Impact Initiatives

      • Coastal fisheries

      • Innovative and/or sustainable financing

      • Resilience

  • Agreed on strategic events in the short term for the Partnership including the 13th Convention on Biodiversity Conference of the Parties,Mexico, in December 2016, the G7, Italy, in May 2017 , and the SDG 14/Oceans Conference, NYC, in June 2017.

  • The Executive Committee agreed to explore the institutionalization of GLISPA as an organization (in the same way that the Mountain Partnership is based at FAO) maintaining the characteristics that make GLISPA work while providing better support to its sustainability.

  • On the issue of sustainability – guidance on support potential from donor members of GLISPA and others including growth in membership.

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