Promoting action to build resilient and sustainable island communities

UNFCCC COP 17 - Ecosystem-based Adaptation in a Changing Climate: From Practice to Policy: Lessons learned from islands

Date: 3 December 2011
Location: Durban, South Africa
Host: IUCN
Strategic Priority: Ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation
Islands are places of high biodiversity and that local economies and identity are highly dependent on islands ecosystems and associated natural resources, stated Ambassador Jumeau, Seychelles, during the event. Yet islands are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts and least able to address them effectively. ‘Working with nature’ as ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) proposes is an attractive and cost-effective measure to build the resilience of island environments in the face of climate change. The event outlined the complexity of developing effective EbA responses from problem identification through to policy, strategic partnerships, good practice guidelines and the need for strategic adaptation of plans. These plans should be supported by good science and vulnerability assessment and lead to implementation, political advocacy and the need for innovative financial mechanisms.
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