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First GLISPA Strategy Meeting

Title: First GLISPA Strategy Meeting
Date: September 24-27, 2007
Location: Rome, Italy

The GLISPA Strategy Meeting took place in Rome, Italy, from 25 to 27 September, 2007. Meeting Participants included representatives of the Partnership's most active government and organization members and/or champions of existing or developing initiatives that are interested in greater involvement with the Partnership. H.E. Seychelles President James A. Michel opened the meeting with a keynote address to the participants. One of the founding fathers of the Global Island Partnership, together with Palau President Remengesau, President Michel chose the GLISPA gathering in Rome to launch his latest initiative, the Sea Level Rise Foundation. For the press release announcing the launch of this initiative, click here.

The Strategy Meeting was co-chaired by Rolph Payet, Special Advisor to the Seychelles President, who delivered a presentation titled Action Strategy for a Global Challenge, and Jo Mulongoy, Principal Officer of the Division of Scientific, Technical and Technological Matters, CBD Secretariat.

See the GLISPA Strategy Agenda.

Working Groups and Leads

Five working groups were formed. Leaders were appointed, and leads identified.

1. Supporting Successful Commitments – Francois Martel, CI
2. Catalyzing New Commitments – Jason Spensley, WCPA/TNC & Stas Burgiel, GISP/TNC 
3. Governance – Gerald Miles, TNC 
4. Climate Change/Sea Level Rise Foundation – Rolph Payet, Seychelles 
5. Communications – Sian Owen, WWF & Cathryn Treasure, GLISPA 

Drafting the GLISPA Strategy A drafting team was assembled, composed of:
    • Dr. Rolph Payet, Seychelles (Chair)
    • Gerald Miles, TNC
    • Audrey Newman, TNC
    • Cathryn Treasure, GLISPA
    • Giorgio Grussu, IUCN
    • Jason Spensley, WCPA & TNC
    • Jean-Philippe Palasi, IUCN
    • Oliver Hillel, CBD Secretariat
    • Sian Owen, WWF
    • Stas Burgiel, GISP & TNC
    • Susi Olmsted, GLISPA

Participants had the Strategy reviewed by:
  • Rome Meeting Participants
  • GLISPA e-list
  • Key regional and international meetings
  • GLISPA 2010 strategy discussed and drafted
  • Sea Level Rise Foundation launched by President James A. Michel of the Seychelles
  • Financial support for GLISPA coordination discussed among donors

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